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Coupons must be printed and presented at the time of tuning. 

Current Apex Coupon Good through Dec 1st for clients more than one year overdue for tuning  – PRINT COUPON!


  • $50 Off Standard Yearly Price
  • For clients more than one year overdue for tuning
  • Can not be combined with other coupons/offers
  • Print the coupon and give it to your tech

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Piano feeling heavy, unresponsive or uneven? You need an action regulation. This includes key leveling, hammers line, letoff, drop and a full alignment of the action to bring it back to factory specifications. This should be done every 5-10 years on a normal home piano and every 1-3 years on a high end instrument.  Book your regulation appointment with Master Piano Technician Eric Roberts today!

Print this coupon and give it to your technician