Stevan Merrifield – Louisville

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Stevan joined the Apex team in 2019 after a long mentorship and apprenticeship with Eric Roberts, Master Piano Technician.  Stevan learned about tools and taking things apart at an early age because his father was a mechanic and Stevan was right there with him working in his shop.  Stevan is also a musician who plays guitar and piano and has now turned his mechanical talents and musical focus toward working on pianos for Apex.  He understands how pianos work mechanically and he has an extremely good ear for a perfect tuning.

Stevan is the Apex traveling tech and covers three main markets and the area between Nashville, Tennessee and Convington Kentucky including Louisville!

Education and Affiliations:

  • Mentorship with Master Technician, Eric Roberts
  • Certified Piano Technician – APTN


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